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Wine Cellar Construction Tip

When thinking about building a winery, there are a few tips that can help you make the right decisions. If the construction of the cellar is poorly done or with the wrong materials, you could have many problems with humidity, as well as problems keeping the conditions of your cellar at its optimum level, which is the temperature between 50 and 57 degrees, and the level of humidity between 50-75%. When your home wine cellar is still in the planning phase, consider the number and types of wine racks you will need.

Tip one: winery preparation

In building a cellar, preparing the room is the first and most important step. If room preparation is not done properly, it will be impossible to keep the condition of your cellar in an optimal range for your wine to age properly. You may get more information about best wine cellar construction via

 To ensure that the temperature stays between 50-57 degrees and the humidity level between 50-75%, you must install 6mm plastic as a vapor barrier on the warm side of your cellar walls. After the 6mm plastic, insulation is applied, using minimum insulation of R-13 for the walls and R-30 for the ceiling. The third step is the green board, which is moisture resistant and paintable.

Tip two: you always need more space

Of course, the free space you have available will determine the size of your warehouse or cellar. But, to accommodate the growth of your wine collection, plan enough spaces for future and unanticipated wine purchases. The best advice is to make your cellar as large as possible. Keep in mind that wine collections tend to grow rapidly.

Tip three: use the right type of wood

Stay away from scented woods like cedar. Instead, be sure to buy a quality hardwood. You can choose from numerous types. Redwood would be the wood of choice, but you can choose to use some other higher quality unfinished wood such as maple or oak. Proper lumber size will facilitate basement construction and bottle spacing on shelves.