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What is a Call Centre or Contact Centre?

The modern call centre or contact center is an example of a Call Centre. It has the ability to offer support and information to customers through trained consultants and adequate telecom facilities. It provides clients with service 24 hours a day. You can also find the best call centre services via

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There are many types of centres:


Inbound call centres are set up to receive calls, not make them. Inbound call centers are typically set up to provide customer support, answer queries, process payments, verify services, and other services.


Outbound centres are services that include calls from company representatives to customers. Outbound calls to call centres are mostly telemarketing calls. 

Outbound call centre services include sales outsourcing, telemarketing services, lead generation/ qualification, appointment scheduling, setting services, prospecting, promoting new products or services, credit management, verification, market research, customer satisfaction surveys, payment reminders, regular customer contact, and many other services.

Contact Centre

The industry has taken on a new dimension with the second-generation outsourcing sector. Because of the increased ability and increasing skills of staff at the centres, more companies are now turning to outsourced solutions. The concept of the Contact Centre is evolving. They provide support for customers through multi-channel communication systems, including e-mails and faxes.

The concept of outsourcing has been accelerated by technological advances and the development of the global communication infrastructure.

This, along with an increase in literacy rates in developing countries, opens up the possibility of English-speaking staff in non-English speaking countries that have lower labor costs.