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What Does A Support Coordinator Do?

Support coordinators will assist you in understanding and implementing the supported services that are funded within your NDIS plan. They will also connect you to mainstream, community and other government support services.

They can also aid in building your capacity to exercise discretion and control, and to connect with support and to access you to your community. For more details you may go to

Support coordinators can help you make the most of your NDIS money.

Other support services that a coordinator may be able to assist with are:

  • Locating disability-friendly housing as well as accessibility housing
  • Informing parents and their careers about being advocates for informal groups and volunteers
  • Personal goals are achieved and you can develop your capabilities
  • Getting the right services that meet your needs and are in accordance with your plans
  • Assistance in finding jobs or education
  • Helping their clients comprehend their obligations that are outlined in service agreements with their providers

Support coordination types

There are three kinds of coordination support. It is important to understand the distinction when searching for a support coordinator , and what they can do to best meet your requirements and needs.

Based on what your goals and objectives for your plan are, your plan could grant NDIS funding for any of the following options of coordination:

  • Support Connection Connects you to informal, community-based and financially supported support to help you make the most of your plan and achieve every one of your objectives. In general, support connection helps clients to improve their own coordination of support.
  • Support coordination to assist you in developing the abilities you require to be able to comprehend and utilize your plan to the fullest extent. Support coordinators assist you in making sure that you have the right variety of support options to improve your capacity to maintain connections, manage the service delivery process and assist you in living as independently as you can.