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Uncertain Future of Consumer VoIP Services

By now it has become pretty clear that VoIP services are going to continue to dominate the world of business-class telecommunications for a long time to come. We've seen a massive increase in the adoption of VoIP by businesses over the last decade and expect more of the same in the coming years.

VoIP offers businesses huge cost savings, expanded functionality, and a level of flexibility required to keep up with the increasingly location-independent 21st-century workforce.

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We Understand The Problem

But even though the future of business-class VoIP is abundantly clear, some analysts remain unsure whether residential VoIP services will stick around among consumers.

Cutting the Cord

Consumers have already undergone one major transition in their telecommunications service over the last year: the change from using landline phones to mobile technology. And while hosted VoIP continues to be a popular water-cooler topic in enterprise markets it hasn't impacted the mass consciousness of the consumer sphere.

Most mobile carriers don't care much about residential or consumer VoIP right now. Mobile carriers have known for a long time that focusing on long-distance calling wasn't going to make them a bundle. Instead, they had narrowed their focus to what provided their best shot at a reliable and profitable meal ticket.