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Type of Masking Tape

Have you ever wondered how to make boring interiors more attractive and fun? You think you need to pay a high-priced interior designer to do this for you. You are wrong. You will only need some fun-loving, innovative masking tapes to transform your interiors. 

Masking Tape

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Your interior will be transformed. These adorable and creative masking tapes made of washi paper are very cute. The first washi tapes were made from rice paper and a non-toxic adhesive.

Masking tapes are not only used to decorate interior spaces but can also be used for many other purposes. It can be used on almost any surface, including wood, metal, leather, paper, concrete walls, painted walls, glass, tiles, plastic, and fabric. 

They are also heat and water-resistant. This unique adhesive is more durable than other adhesives and can be reused many times without leaving any oil or glue stains. You don't even need to use scissors to apply them. 

You can easily tear the fine washi tape with your hands. You can order masking tapes from various online portals. You can use masking tape as food seals or sticky notes. They can be used to wrap or package gifts. 

They can be used for packaging and wrapping gifts, as well as on greeting cards, bouquets, mobile covers, or lamps for lighting effects, clothes, or accessories. You can transform something boring into something eye-catching.