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Top Gift Ideas for a Star Wars Fan

What can people get as presents for a crazy star wars fan? If you're experiencing trouble with this, here's a top listing of excellent gift ideas that could assist you.

 1.  Star Wars Figurines

This might be a frequent gift but no Star Wars fan will probably be miserable to get them. Just be sure you include the characters such as Darth Vader, Darth Maul, The Emperor, Yoda, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia just to name a few. 

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2.  Star Wars T-shirt

This easy present with the emblem and possibly two characters fighting their lightsaber is going to be the envy of his buddies in any casual setting. 

3.  A Star Wars Theme Notebook

This notebook will have all Star Wars inside.  The outside layout will have images of the Jedi masters.  The mouse cursor is made up of an animated lightsaber. 

4.  Star Wars Traveling Bags

Now you can stick out on the conveyor belt using the trendiest traveling bag in the city. 

5.  Star Wars Mug Display

This prominently on your office cubicle and lots of your coworkers will be flocking to examine it.  Your morning coffee will taste a good deal better drinking out of it.

6.  Star Wars Necktie Make this a trendy tie.

 Take away all of the battling Jedis.  Rather, make it a black tie, using mini white celebrities such as how the beginning screen of the film is like. 

 7.  Star Wars USB Pen Drive

This USB pen drive may be made as a light saber and comes from various lightsaber colors such as luminous blue, green, red or crimson.