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Tips To Find Safe Cosmetic And Beauty Products Online

Our skin can absorb hundreds of chemicals. FDA and Cosmetic companies don't agree, but they do admit that they lie. Most Cosmetic and Beauty Products can be used in a moderate dose. However, they are not safe for use at higher doses. However, both men and women use a variety of chemicals daily at different dosages.

One class of hormone disruptors is the chemical Phthalates. They are commonly found in artificial perfumes. This could be linked to birth defects and sperm damage as well as infertility and feminization. Hence it is better to use natural skin care products like Bao-Med Pure Oil Bodywash which are safe and makes your skin healthy.

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However, the FDA does not rigorously test cosmetics and skincare ingredients based on long-term use criteria. It is not that a dab here would be fatal, but a spray there could. We tend to follow a precautionary principle, which means we prefer to be safe until we know.

More than 1,110 personal-product ingredients have been banned from cosmetics in other nations. Advertising is based on the principle that misguiding and fooling people is its mainstay. Many of these products are simply fillers for primary commodities. It is therefore even more difficult to find safe cosmetic and beauty products online.

Heavy metals such as Mercury and Cadmium are common in beauty products. Beauty products are often contaminated with heavy metals like Mercury, Cadmium, etc. Mercury can cause kidney damage. Even toothpaste whitening agents can cause damage to the kidneys.

Aluminum hydrate can be used topically as an antiperspirant and topical body deodorant. This chemical is a neurotoxin, which alters the blood-brain barrier function and can link it to Alzheimer's and cancer. Online shopping for cosmetics is a dangerous venture.