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Things You Must Know While Choosing 1000w Fat Tire Electric Bikes

The idea of having electric bicycles is spreading increasingly in the mindset of people nowadays. Like every new technology or product, you can find an array of offerings from very inexpensive to very expensive. If you would like to benefit from the brand new technology, then just how do you select what to purchase and from whom? Here are a few ideas that might aid you to buy 1000w fat tire electric bikes.


Electric bicycles have been limited by US Federal law to 750 g and 20 mph. There are a whole lot of bicycles and kits available on the market which advertise energy as large as 1,000 watts for the electric bike. Beware! There are two approaches to determine wattage, the peak wattage(initial surge) that the engine creates if it's the first start, and the continuous wattage which the engine works under.

Being a consumer it's extremely tricky to distinguish the difference, however, you may always ask. A tip-off is a comparatively large engine such as 500 watts which works on fewer voltage batteries for example 36 volts.

The battery contained on your kit or along with your motorcycle is an integral component. The ideal battery you should purchase is a LiFePO4 lithium battery. This battery may be the lightest weight battery but it is the greatest lasting battery you can purchase. A battery with this sort on average lasts over three times as much charge cycles being an SLA (sealed lead acid) battery. It's also approximately 50 to 60 percent much lighter in terms of weight. This means more distance and a greater rate.