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The Omni-Channel Retail Consumer Shopping Report Background

Multi-channel retail means the company sells across multiple online ways. Omni-Channel refers to retailers with a physical and digital presence.

It is a modern marketing approach that aims to create a cohesive customer experience for the customer at every point of contact. This differs from traditional retailing, where individual channels have been optimized without having to take all experience into account. This is the definition of a textbook. Here's how other marketing managers define omnichannel marketing 101:

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Square defines it this way: “Meet people in the channels where they shop and shop, whether at physical stores, online stores, or social media and connect the dots between the channels. The goal is for customers to move within the brand ecosystem and for each channel to work together in harmony to drive more sales and commissions.

Hubspot defines it as "the ability to provide a seamless and consistent channel experience taking into account the various devices users use to interact with your business."

At BigCommerce, we define it internally as: "A store that is sold both online and offline – perhaps via multiple online ways(eg Amazon, eBay, Facebook, B2B). We also mentioned the importance of having it showcase your products wherever consumers are already spending time. them. This is increasingly being referred to as contextual trading, a more strategic approach to broad terms. 

Usually traders on all channels are not newbies. They're not just a webshop either, which means they have the capital to set foot in the field. Okay.