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The Health Benefits of Unrefined Sea Salt

If you love truffles, then you know just how expensive they can be. Well, not anymore. Not only do black truffles taste better than their white counterparts, but they are also much easier to cook and much cheaper. Here's how you can enjoy delicious truffles all year long. Plus, you can get them for just a fraction of what they cost at fancy restaurants!

For starters, forget the black truffle sea salt. Nothing compares to the real stuff, but that's not to say you have to give up the great taste of salty eggs, cream cheese, and sunny summer flavors. In fact, black truffle salt is simply the best way to maintain truffles on your diet! Just sprinkle a little over any dish, from omelets to eggs to grilled vegetables, French fries to roast beef, and enjoy the full effect of black truffle flavor with every bite.

Another excellent substitute for salt is baking soda. Just add a tiny amount to your cooking eggs and you'll see how easy it is to make black truffle salt by mixing it into your favorite baking recipes. It adds a great flavor without taking up a lot of your time. Baking soda is a well-known seasoning ingredient, too, so you can sprinkle it on just about anything, from sauces to scrambled eggs to cornbread to pasta.

A classic example of using black truffle salt in a savory dish is black truffle soup. Even if you're not a big fan of this classic summertime dish, you can still use it in the microwave or on the stovetop with the right accessories. Simply mix in the cream base with your soup ingredients, then sprinkle in the salt and you've got the perfect, piping hot bowl of soup. You might also like to top off your soup with some chopped, sliced pears or apples. Both pieces of fruit will help enhance the natural sweetness of the cream.

Another way to spruce up this classic summer dish is to top it off with some fresh berries. There are many different flavors of berries to consider, but the best ones to use with French fries are raspberry and cranberry. These berries pair wonderfully with the rich flavor of the black truffles, creating a dish that's both elegant and delicious.

The real trick to cooking with black truffle salt is to never, ever put the stuff in the food directly. Instead, you need to use it as an ingredient along with other ingredients to create the flavor for your dish. This is why it's a good idea to save the real truffles for an after-dinner treat or to freeze them until you have time to enjoy them on your own. Because of this, you should only add the black truffle salt when you're ready to add it to the mix.

Another great reason to use this salt as an ingredient is that it's much healthier than most salts. It has significantly less sodium than table salt, even the highly refined variety. Many people don't realize that table salt contains so much sodium that it can actually cause issues with your blood pressure. On the other hand, black truffle salt contains about two percent sodium, which is much lower than other commonly used salts. That's why using it instead of regular table salt can be beneficial to your health.

There are plenty of excellent reasons why it's important to use this salt in your cooking, whether you choose to add it to recipes or not. Because it has so many health benefits, it makes sense to purchase unrefined black truffle salt instead of buying it in a packet. The flavor you get from using this salt in your recipes is unmatched by other kinds, and that makes it one of the best ingredients to use when you're looking to improve the taste of foods.