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The Benefits of Bamboo Toilet Paper In Australia

Toilet paper is a product that everyone uses, but no one thinks about. Most people usually get toilet paper from the local grocery store, but the problem is that most grocery stores don't usually offer sustainable toilet paper options. After studying the environmental impact of making and using bamboo toilet paper, both consumers and businesses will look for more sustainable toilet paper options. You can easily buy environment friendly toilet paper bamboo & recycled via Sheet Glory.

The current choice for sustainable toilet paper is online and check out treeless toilet paper startups like Sheetglory. Hopefully, sooner or later the grocery store chain will see the need for more sustainable toilet paper options on their shelves.

Types of Sustainable toilet paper

There are several types of treeless toilet paper, but the two biggest are recycled toilet paper and plant-based toilet paper.

Recycled toilet paper: This option is more sustainable than regular wood toilet paper, but it comes at a cost. Recycled toilet paper is not known for its softness and also contains many different chemicals from the manufacturing process.

Bamboo Toilet Paper: Bamboo toilet paper is probably the best choice for heavy-duty toilet paper because it is made from one of the most sustainable resources in the world and has a great texture.

Hemp toilet paper: Hemp toilet paper is a great sustainable choice, but it can be hard to find, and it's also not the softest option available.