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How to fix damage and leaking basement

The first step is to understand the reason your basement is leaky. The basement is leaking due to its walls being inside a clay bowl that is surrounded by water. Imagine that on a rainy day the walls of your basement sit in a bowl of clay that is full of water.

The only thing that keeps rain out is the waterproofing which was in place when the home was constructed. It may not have an effective barrier for waterproofing to stop water from entering your basement walls if your home is older. You can also find more information about repairing a leaky basements on the internet.

repair leaky basement

To resolve the issue you need to first know what you have to do in order to fix it the first time around. The first step is to identify the kind of issue that you are experiencing. If your basement is constructed of concrete, you'll see a crack in the vertical direction that allows water to enter.

The fix is as simple as digging around the exterior of your home, opening the crack, and then sealing it off from the other side. This will stop water from entering through the cracks in the foundation. When you've got a cinderblock structure with a crack and you want to fix the wall from the inside.

Fill the cracks with concrete and steel Rebar. This will strengthen and seal the wall's crack. The next step is to put in the French drain around the perimeter of your basement. This will lessen the pressure that is caused by the accumulation of water on the walls of your basement.