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Types Of Care For The Elderly

You cannot just divide between the social services residential care and home care. There are many new schemes, such as extra care housing and sheltered housing that allows you to receive care when you need, but remain as independent as possible.

Residential home care

Residential homes offer an option for those who have difficulty coping or need help more than their caregivers are able to provide. Residential homes provide long-term accommodation, meals, and personal care.  You can also go to this website to know more about types of care for the elderly.

Care home with nursing

Nursing homes also provide accommodation, meals, and personal care, but also always have a qualified nurse to provide care for those who have more complex health needs. They can also provide special care for dementia. The cost is usually higher than in residential homes. Once again the usual minimum age is sixty-five.

Dementia And Specialist Care

Parents with conditions as of May Alzheimer’s related to dementia, depending on the degree of dementia they receive care in a nursing or residential home. However, there is a special unit, which has an experienced staff and modified facilities.

It is always best to discuss your requirements with your local care home first. They can offer better guidance. There are also special care homes for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease; more specially trained staff and have adapted facilities.