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Know About The Retaining Wall Materials

Construction methods can vary depending on what materials you use. For example, if you select timber, your contractor might suggest embedding posts to resist lateral pressure.

For brick, concrete reinforcement and a good drainage system are likely to be required. Do not take chances. The best way to go is to consult your professional retaining wall installer. You can get the services of retaining wall installation at

retaining walls installation

These are some of the most sought-after retaining wall materials:

1. Concrete – Always trendy, ask your contractor for concrete block wall systems. Concrete with stone veneer might be an option.

2. Concrete with stone veneer – These have the same advantages and disadvantages as concrete. These take longer to construct because the concrete must first be poured before the stone veneer can be constructed. Your wall will appear as though it were made of stone when completed.

3. Precast stackable block – Stackable concrete blocks have the same elegance and symmetry as pavers, but with the same size and finish. These walls are easy to construct and great for curved areas.

4. Brick – Brick is a great choice but to get the best results, hire a bricklayer with experience building retaining walls.

Also, railway ties treated pine, and some hardwoods can be used to make retaining walls. A wooden wall can be stunning when placed in the right environment. Wood may not be the best long-term option, however, as all timber can decay over time. Wood should be treated to resist rotting if you decide to use it.