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Training Options for Microsoft Office

If you are interested in getting to know Microsoft Office, there is no reason to be interested in the options available to you. Fortunately, there are several Microsoft training options available to you. This includes Microsoft Office training discs, Microsoft Office training software, and the like. 

There are many ways to train yourself in Microsoft Office if you just know them all. You can also look for Microsoft training courses via

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One option is Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions, which offers online learning and face-to-face teaching. Developers and IT professionals can take advantage of this Microsoft training course. The official Microsoft curriculum is used by Microsoft Certified Partners for learning solutions.

IT professionals can also take advantage of Microsoft's e-learning library, where they can use browser-based learning to learn everything they need to know about Microsoft certifications. Your volume license agreement, whether new or existing, gives you access to an e-learning library.

There are also books available to help IT professionals study and practice for their certification exams. Microsoft even offers a Microsoft Office Training CD with some of its books, and if you have Software Assurance, you can actually get a free product from Microsoft.

E-learning participants will get a lot of information on various topics through interactive lessons and modules. Core and Advanced Training are also available for Microsoft Office as well as some other desktop applications. It includes basic training for Windows, SQL Server, Windows Server and Exchange Server.