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The Importance Of Protective Glass Coating

Save time and money by applying a protective glass layer to your shower door. It's always a challenge to clean the shower door, but that doesn't mean you have to use a strong cleanser made with ammonia, bleach, and other hard chemicals. Without much of a problem, you can clean the shower door effectively in a way that is much safer for your family. 

What happens when the glass is exposed to shampoo chemicals, hard water,  soap foam, and environmental elements? After the stain is on the glass, they are almost difficult to remove unless the surface is preserved with a low maintenance layer. Glass that is not treated porous and consequently absorbing mineral deposits and soap makes it more difficult to clean. You can also buy Chemrons vitroglaze liquid for protective glass coating.

Although most of the glass seems to have a smooth surface, the reality is glass by nature having microscopic peaks and valleys on almost every surface. Over time, glass can change color and etching can occur.

The glass layer is ultra-thin and truly adheres to the surface and provides protection that will drive water-based stains and oil. Similar to the non-stick frying pan, cleaning is made easier to use water and light detergent with a moist microfiber fabric to prevent mold buildup and harmful bacteria that promote germ-free environments.

The benefits are less clean, a more hygienic surface, and a cleaner environment where hard chemicals are not used.