Fixing Separation Anxiety Measures In Dogs

Does your pet shout, whine and bark incessantly when left at home? Can she urinate at the house as you're gone, even though she's housetrained? In that case, then it's quite likely that your dog includes a behavioral problem known as dog separation anxiety. 

Other signs of this problem are if your pet does not prefer to be left alone either indoors or outdoors also she appears upset or excited whenever you are making preparations to go out. You can fix separation anxiety in dogs in several ways according to the behavior of your dog. 


Dog separation anxiety is not only very stressful on your own dog, but it can have a large impact on you and your family. Luckily, it is one of those dog behavior conditions which may be resolved through a consistent way of training and reinforcement.

Based upon the seriousness of the issue, there are a handful of different approaches that may help your dog overcome separation stress. For a puppy with gentle separation stress, the following should be adequate:

Try to keep all your movements in and outside of their house"low key". After you go back, your pet will greet you. Doing so will only fortify her overly excited behavior. Pet her after a few minutes and just one time she has calmed down.

Utilize dog obedience training, specifically the Sit, Down, Stay commands to condition your dog to being alone in space. Command your dog to lie down and then tell her "Stay" as you retreat from her. 

To begin with, improve your distance away from the dog and then step from the room and from her sight because you issue the"Stay" control. Start using only a couple of seconds and slowly raise the period she does not see you.