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Choosing the Right Polo Shirt for Your Logo

Do you know that the clothes we call polo shirts, sports clothes, or golf shirts actually come from tennis courts? In 1929, French tennis Champ René Lacoste created a short-sleeved Piche knitted shirt with buttons. Immediately, he added crocodile embroidery – a symbol of tenacity in the field – to the left chest area.

Choosing a polo shirt for your company logo can be extraordinary. You can find stunning designs for custom polo shirts from various internet sources.

Here are the top 4 features to be considered when making your choice.

1. Types of fabric and texture

The original polo shirt is 100% cotton, and that fabrics are still very popular – especially premium cotton such as Tangu and Pima. This is a special cotton variety that is recorded for quality, tenderness, and durability.

The cotton/poly mixture is also popular because the cloth is wrinkled and tends to shrink. Some go for 100% polyester, because of the innocent cloth when washed repeatedly, and because of the properties of wicking humidity which makes it great in sweating situations.

2. Performance features

The term "fabric performance" refers to fabrics that have been designed to provide practical benefits for the wearer. They make the experience of wearing more pleasant and comfortable clothes. Moisture-wicking polo shirt or moisture pulls sweat from the body and promotes evaporation.

3. Brand

It is possible to put your logo on a polo shirt with a recognized brand name such as Adidas, Champion, Nike, and so on. The people you give to the Polo brand to see brands and know they get high-quality clothes.

4. Color

Most of the time, a polo shirt is one color from top to bottom – in other words, they are a solid color sports shirt. Other options, which are preferred in athletic settings, are polo color block shirts.