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Know The Different Types of Cranes And Rigging

The crane is one of the most important pieces of modern industrial machinery. When looking into crane rental, it helps to know ahead of time what the different types of cranes are, and what tasks they are meant to perform.

Tower Crane

As the name implies, these cranes are attached to a large tower on the worksite and feature a hook hanging from the long, movable arm.

Tower cranes are used when utilizing heavy construction supplies like concrete, steel, large machinery, and also large pieces of buildings that are under construction. However, you can also visit to rent crane rigging equipment online in Virginia.

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Bridge Crane

This is the type of crane you'll most likely see used by indoor industrial manufacturing and maintenance operations.

They're typically used to move pallets, parts, and other inventory across a large space faster than it would be by hand, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Gantry Crane

The gantry crane has become a popular substitute for the bridge crane in recent years. Unlike the bridge crane, gantry cranes move on tracks that sit at ground level. The rigging is attached to an arm carried by a trolley that moves horizontally along the tracks.

Marine Crane

As the name implies, marine cranes are used on boats and docks. These cranes come in a variety of sizes and subcategories are used for moving cargo on and off of ships.