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What Fashion Stylist Really Do?

We always wondered how celebrities dressed to the tee. The appearance they rarely offer room for criticism. While they have a sense of fashion, there is always a fashion stylist working behind enhance their appearance.

A fashion stylist is the one that works on improving the outward appearance of people and objects. They are the ones crafting exceptional appearance we all imitate as the latest fashion trends. Find out more information here about fashion stylist.

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There are different branches in this field. The first type of fashion stylist is the wardrobe stylist. The Head professional task is to dress people, including celebrities, high profile people, and players for social events that are important such as press conferences, awards nights, and red carpet events.

The wardrobe stylist also worked in the entertainment industry dressed up actors for film and television series. There is an art director or editor responsible for styling fashion looks for ad campaigns, magazine photo-shoots and look-book.

Image consultants also considered as a kind of fashion stylist. They work with the common people and socialites to give them an image makeover.

Degrees and training

An individual desiring to become a fashion stylist must have a Bachelor's degree in fashion styling, fashion design, costume design, or marketing and merchandise.

Degrees and options you may need to take also depends on the area where you intend to look for a job. If in marketing and merchandise, knowledge of the business is a must.