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How can cellular applications help improve student experience?

There is hope among students that their universities will give them information using technology they feel comfortable with. Importantly, cellular applications are usually additional services than replacement, because the information available can also be accessed through different methods if needed i.e. Through the web or on campus. To learn more about the best campus app visit

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Access to information is a great incentive when considering a cellular application. Open University, recently won the Guardian University Award for applications that allow students to access course information, materials, and even textbooks using their cellular applications wherever they are. 

All University Mobile App provides slightly different core information, but the basics are usually a combination of schedules, campus maps, staff contact details, library search options, and event notifications. 

The mobile application also opens extra possibilities for student involvement with universities such as the University of Manchester Metropolitan which allows students to access chat rooms and discussion boards. Therefore students can continue discussions outside the teaching room, without having to be on campus. 

Some universities have added something different, by providing information that is not always focused on their studies, but it is still beneficial for the student experience. Oxford University, Mobile Oxford, provides information about travel and events in the city, while others like the University of Westminster's Westminster allow students to find each other using GPS.