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Self Tanning – How to Pull Off the Perfect Faux Golden Glow

Self tanning can be scary because you don't want to end up looking like a radioactive tangerine. Here are some tips for getting a natural-looking golden glow.

  • Do use a gradual tanner. This way you can slowly build-up to the right level of tan for you. Trying to go from ghostly pale to deep tan in one step is the most common mistake women make. Neutrogena has a great gradual tanning lotion that will get you to have a hint of a tan immediately or a deep glow within just a few days and is a best self tanner for face.
  • Do shower, shave, and exfoliate before tanning. This will help the lotion blend in more evenly.

  • Do wash your hands with soap after use. I ignored this advice the first few times I self-tanned and ended up with orange palms, and brown discoloring between my fingers. Ew. Worried about pale hands? The tanning lotion at that point has normally sunk in a bit, so your hands will still get a little bit of a tan, but if it's not enough, use a face bronzer on them. It blends in well!
  • Do scrub under your fingernails with a fingernail brush after tanning, or it will discolor the underside.
  • Do wait until that evening to shower again. They say you can shower again within a couple of hours, but it normally washes off. It's a good idea to get some scented body lotion and wash with it to get rid of the lingering lotion smell.
  • Do try to get some help for tanning your back. If you can't, squirt the lotion on a back loofah and rub it on that way. Caution: This can be messy.
  • Do apply slightly more tanner to areas you want to appear thinner. Examples: Inside of thighs, waist, under your chin.
  • Do apply a gel bronzer to give your tan more glow and make your skin look smoother.

Tans make you look thinner, taller, and more glamorous. Now you can have an exotic tan without all the risks.