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Safety Tips to Follow While Moving Materials Manually

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In the construction industry, heavy machines are always involved to do the work. For instance; dump trucks are used to transfer waste materials away from the work side. While excavators are used for demolishing an old structure. These machines are known to do the big jobs and relied heavily. However, for moving smaller items or materials, these heavy machines become somewhat unnecessary. This is when manual work comes in the picture which are done by the workers. If you work in this industry and involve moving small to medium materials, then follow these safety tips.

  1. Wear your Safety Equipment – Before you start moving object, ensure you are wearing the safety equipment like vests, goggles, gloves, boots etc.
  2. Use the Right Technique – At the beginning of moving materials, ensure you are using the right lifting technique. A great tip would be to bend the knees and hips which helps in avoiding back injuries.
  3. Add handles – If the distance to move objects manually is little further than you expect, then consider adding handles. Handles are great for moving the materials with ease from one location to another and also in a safe manner.
  4. Take Help – There may come a time where you will struggle to move an object due to being heavy. During such instances, you should ask for help rather than letting your ego hit you. If you let your ego hit you while trying to show your strength to your mates, you will end-up hurting yourself.

In Brisbane, earthmoving professionals use these tips for moving objects manually.