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Production Speeds For Laser Cutting Machines

Anyone looking to purchase a laser cutter should consider the speed of cutting. Speed is undoubtedly a benefit as it can often translate to higher productivity. However, greater speeds are typically associated with higher costs. For some businesses, the fastest laser might not be practical. Cutting speed is the speed at which a laser cuts through material.

Traverse speed is the speed at which a laser head moves between cuts in order to get from one place to another. For more complicated cutting, the speed differential is progressively smaller because the laser cannot reach its maximum speeds due to the slow start/stop, acceleration/ deceleration over short distances. You can buy top-quality fiber laser engraver machines and supplies online.

Time taken to change sheets from one sheet to the other, time it takes to transfer sheets from a cutting table. To calculate the production time, one must take all the factors into account. The actual cutting speed will depend on the brand of laser. 

While other factors can affect the overall production time of the laser, the majority of high-end lasers can achieve the same cutting speed if the power in kilowatts equals. However, traverse speed can differ between machines regardless of the power in kilowatts.

Companies often refer to traverse speed when describing their machines as being faster than others. The time it takes to fabricate a sheet is often only a few seconds, even at high traverse speeds. This is because the bulk of the fabrication process is the actual cutting. However, the price difference can add up to a few hundred thousands dollars.