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Pet Owners And Their Pet Personalities

On one or more occasions when you come across pets and their owners taking a walk in the park, have you noticed that pets can take on the personalities or even the looks of their owners? It may seem quite an amusing thing but there is some correlation between an individual's personality and his choice of pet.

The relationship between owner and pet is just like marriage and each party to the relationship tends to become more like the other over time. You can also give urgent help for low-income pet owners and emergency pet funds to pet organizations.

A professor at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom surveyed about 2500 pet owners and studied their characteristics as well as that of their pets. His study showed that pets and their owners were more likely to share similar traits and behaviors the longer they have been together.

Since animals learn and acquire behavior through repetitive training and conditioning, the time they spend with their owners teaches them to acquire the same behavior and reactions their owners exhibit under different sets of circumstances and conditions.

Owners also tend to choose their pets based on typical species characteristics that are closely identical to their own. Cheerful, fun-loving and adventurous people were more likely to choose dogs as pets while dependable, stable and sensitive personalities opted for cats as their pets.

Reptile keepers were discovered to be the most independent individuals in the sample study population while those who had aquariums were the ones who claimed to be the most contented.

It could be our general perception of moods associated with pets and their surroundings, but it is amazing to discover that people can take on the personalities of their pets and vice-versa. Which leads us to a more interesting topic to delve deeper on: Do pets take on from us, or do we take on from them?