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Ovarian Cysts & Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis refers to excess estrogen that is produced each month in the female body. An estimated 89 million women are affected by endometriosis. They range in age from 30-40 years old and are usually of reproductive age. 

Endometriosis may also lead to scar tissue and adhesions that can cause internal distortions in a woman's anatomy. Endometriosis can make women infertile by as high as 40% to 30%. Endometrial cells refer to the same cells that are shed during menstruation each month. You can read more about endometriosis suffering relief for teenagers online.

Endometriosis is most commonly characterized by pelvic pain. Other symptoms include pelvic pain, diarrhea, constipation (especially about menstruation), abdominal bloating, heavy or irregular bleeding, and fatigue.

Ovarian cysts appear as if the ovary is filled with fluid. Two organs, the ovaries, are located on either side of a woman’s uterus. They are about the same size as almonds and roughly the shape of an almond. Small cysts can form outside the ovary and enlarge the ovary. Many small cysts are formed by hormone stimulation, which can be used to stimulate the menstrual cycle. 

Endometriosis Treatment Tips

1. For patients suffering from advanced endometriosis, surgical treatment is the best option.

2. Oral contraceptives pills (OCPs), which suppress LH, FSH, and prevent ovulation, are called oral contraceptive pills.

3. Gestrinone works in the same way as danazol but you need to take it only twice per week.

4. Most women can reduce their endometrial tissues and experience less pain with birth control pills.