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Mindfulness: Your Link To The Universe

Mindfulness is the secret of life. It is a life lived in full mindfulness tranquility, peace, joy, happiness, ecstasy, and compassion. Mindfulness is our primary link to the Universe.

It is the solution that we as human beings have sought outside us since the beginning of modern times. You can get the best information about mindfulness in Silicon Valley via


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The simplistic practice of mindfulness has been around for thousands of years; however, most people reject this approach to life and look instead philosophies or more complex technical and intellectual.

Unfortunately, this outer journey resolves. There are a lot of people and available texts also analyze more complicated and mindfulness. It seems that our ego is estimated to complicate the simplest solution.

Mindfulness is supposed to be simple, but a profound way of living. This solution center allows us to live an authentic life.

So what exactly is mindfulness and how do you apply to your life? Mindfulness is a specific form of meditation or consciousness of time simply.

There are many different forms of meditation, however, we will focus specifically on mindfulness meditation, that this author believes to be the most practical and pure meditation exercise. Mindfulness involves direct participation in every moment as it happens with full awareness of your current experience.

Life exists only in the here and now when practicing mindfulness. The experience we now have is unadulterated and pure. Mindfulness is a "living" meditation you can practice every second of your cherished life.