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Metal Roofing Is A Green Building Choice

Metal roofs are part of the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products. People are looking for recycled, organic, and environmentally friendly products to meet many needs, including food, home, and building materials.  You can also look for the best metal roofing in Ontariothrough various online sources.


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Research and case studies show that the use of these eco-friendly products not only benefits individuals in terms of natural health, comfort, or energy savings but also benefits the environment.

Metal roofs are included in the category of environmentally friendly products for many reasons. The benefits of metal roofing that affect homeowners, including energy savings, product durability, and recycling, also benefit our country.

Energy Saving – Opposed to dark gray asphalt tile, metal roofing can save homeowners up to 25% on cooling costs. 

This is due to the reflective and radiant properties of the roof, which reduces the heat that penetrates the roof by about 45%. Saving energy is not only good for the portfolio, but also for the environment. 

Durability – Metal roofs are estimated to last more than 50 years, which is two to three times longer than asphalt roofs. 

This offers a good chance that a metal roof will be the last roof homeowners need to install on their home, reducing the time, energy, money, and materials involved in re-coating. 

Recyclable Materials – Metal roofs are contributing to the growth of the recycled steel market, including old cars, dishwashers, and refrigerators. 

All steel roofs contain at least 25% recycled content and at the end of their useful life, the metal roof is 100% recyclable. 

When planning a contractor for eco-friendly housing, be sure to check the quality of the roofing product.