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Looking for the Kennel in Chapel Hill

Inevitably for many of us, a time will come when we and our pooch must part ways for a few days. Keep in mind that many kennels are heavily booked during the summer and holiday seasons, sometimes as much as a year in advance.

Give yourself time well in advance to visit the boarding facility. You can visit to know more about dog boarding or Kennel in Chapel Hill.

Bear in mind that larger kennels, often do not have the staffing and time to furnish the level of dog care. Smaller kennels, where the owner takes part, are often better at delivering one on one attention. 

Ask Questions: 

Some kennels overbook, in which case you may find that some of the dogs are simply crated to accommodate the overflow. You need to inquire about this.

Naturally, you will want to know about exercise and feeding schedules, vaccination requirements, and staffing at night. Will your pet have a separate run? How are emergencies handled? Is there an on-call veterinarian? Will the kennel's policy allow you to bring your dog's favorite food and a few toys?

Ask about drop-off and pick-up times. Many kennels are closed on Saturday afternoons through Sunday. If you cannot retrieve your pet beforehand, you'll be charged for the extra time.