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Looking For The Best Cenote Diving

Underneath the surface of the Yucatan peninsula is the world's longest underwater cave system. In most areas, the roofing of the planet and the cave provides access to all cave methods. You shouldn't miss diving in the cenotes. You can also visit to get the best cenote diving experience.

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The term "cenote" is derived from the Mayan word. The most accessible area of the cenotes is your cavern place; We do so dip with you. A cavern is understood to be a lighted area throughout the day and also the maximum thickness from the surface shouldn't exceed 60m. 

Cenote diving, on the other hand, occurs in complete darkness and a larger distance from the outside; this kind of diving is only permitted with technical instruction in caves and cave gear.

Diving from the Cenotes

Diving from the cenotes is something unique. The Yucatan peninsula is renowned for this huge system of crisscrossing underground rivers, and each year thousands of sailors come to Mexico only to have this adventure. Hundreds of km stretch along the shore. Mystical areas of a previous civilization: The cenotes.

What makes the cavern that's immersed in the cenotes something unique?

The crystal clear water provides you the sensation of drifting amid an underground area. The light comes with laser intensity and also the early formations are remarkable. A must watch for many divers.