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Is There An Abs Toning Belt Discount Available?

I have really been considering purchasing an abs toning belt. I work out regularly but I still struggle with my abs. I work as a lifeguard so I am in a swimming suit most of the time. I hate feeling self conscious all day long while I am at work, so I was thinking that the abs toning belts may be a really good way for me to solve this problem.

I know that it is supposed to work best for people who are already in shape and do not have weight to lose, but are just wanting to tone and strengthen their abdominal muscles. This describes me perfectly. The problem is though that working as a lifeguard does not pay particularly well.

The abs toning belt sounds great but it is a little out of my budget range. I am wondering if there is the best abs toning belt discount somewhere.

I do not know if there are certain places where you can buy the abs toning belt more cheaply, or if there is a coupon code or something like that which would help make the abs toning belt more affordable for those of us on a tight budget who are really anxious to try this product out. Can anyone out there direct me to the best abs toning belt discount?