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How To Use A Winch

A winch must be used correctly. You could cause damage to your vehicle, or worse, you could injure someone. It is important to ensure that your cable crane puller gear has been properly mounted. Also, be aware of the weight limits . Never exceed the rating of your winch or line!

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  • Start by putting on heavy duty gloves for both your hands.

  • Disengage the gear/clutch.

  • You can pull the line from the winch, preferably via a hook-strap, and attach it to an object that you intend to use as a recovery point/pulling. (If you plan on using an object such as a tree trunk for pulling power, make sure you attach a trunk protector and line via D-shackles.

  • To prevent twisting, ensure that the cable/line is taut during the attachment process. It is important to inspect the connection points, line, and spool for any abnormalities or broken areas after connecting.

  • If you own a remote control, this is the best time to attach it to the winching device . You can now re-engage your gear.

  • Once the remote is connected, use the winch to pull the line slowly until there is no slack.

  • To absorb any energy that may be lost if the winching line snaps, lay a heavier object (either a blanket or another heavy object) after it is taut.

  • Start the winching slowly and carefully.

Always Use Caution and Proper Safety Measures

Although it may seem simple, proper use of a tow line and winch requires extreme care and expertise. Remember that the longer the line, the more pulling power the winch will exert.

You must not exert too much pressure on the cable. This could cause a snapped line that can leave you in a worse situation.