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How Important Is A Parachute Cord Into Skydiving Equipment?

Parachute cord, also known as “paracord”. It has been utilized in various ways. The first purpose of its design was to construct parachutes. No matter the function, design, shape, size, or material used to create the canopy, the only thing that all parachutes share to be in use is paracord.

Paracord is constructed from a continuous filament nylon shroud, which is covered by seven nylon paracord inner high-strength cords. Each line of paracord is tested for tensile strength up to 575 pounds and is made to last for a long time.

Every mil-spec strand of parachutist cord has been tested up to 550 pounds, which is light and flexible. This makes it the perfect elastic banding to use in parachutes. Imagine a single cut cord tested to 550lbs.

The cords are continuously wrapped in between the harness you wear and the canopy at least 10 times on the right side, while the opposite is true for your left. The question of whether or not the cords remain in place is no longer an issue.

The paracord was originally specifically designed to be used on parachutes. This strong low-cost cord has proven. throughout the many years. There are many different uses. There is no camping equipment complete without the highly flexible cord.

Parachute bands can be used in emergencies for anything from food gathering to shelter construction and the inside of the core can be removed and used to fish line.