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How Do You Build Apps With React Native Technology?

Making apps that work across frameworks and platforms is a trend for quite some time. Native, hybrid, and cross-platform applications have been in existence for a while, each having distinct development capabilities.

While Mobile App Development continues to change, so do the basic frameworks and platforms they're built on. One distinct and unique platform can be found in React Native offering special app development tools. You can hire an expert react native app development company for development-related services.

React Native is a well-known JavaScript-based mobile application development framework that lets you build native mobile applications to be developed for iOS as well as Android OS. The framework allows developers to create and design apps for multiple platforms, using an identical codebase.

ReactNative was initially developed in the year 2015 by Facebook Inc. is an open-source software project launched in 2015. It is a leading solution that has been adapted to Mobile App Development. 

In essence, it's an app development hybrid library. The app's code is composed by hand in JSX and Javascript which is then converted to native code. These apps contain 85 to 90 percent of the code shared Javascript as well as JSX code.

React Native can be described as a mobile Framework for App Development that runs effortlessly regardless of the operating system or platform that the apps are running on. It is a popular framework since it helps save lots of hours of work, which translates to faster development of apps as well as cost-efficiency.

React Native nowadays runs on famous apps such as Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, and UberEats. To develop mobile apps that are of high-quality, Android solutions and Native iOS remain the best options for apps that need seamless UI experience and top-quality performance.