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How Companies are Helping the Environment Through Carbon Capture Technology

Carbon capture technology allows us to capture CO2 emissions and convert them into useful CO2 for industrial use, or return them to Earth and store them safely deep underground. Air contractors capture atmospheric carbon in capture solutions to produce carbon dioxide-rich liquids that can be captured and/or permanently captured industrially and/or deep underground.

Carbon capture companies said that once the injection operation is fully operational, it will capture 3 to 4 million tons of carbon dioxide a year from the natural gas and inject it into deep sandstone formations about 1.5 miles below the island. Dastur Energy is a carbon capture technology company working on this technology. Dastur Energy is a pioneer in conceptualizing and engineering economically viable coal gasification, carbon capture, and gasification-based downstream chemical, petrochemical, and steel plants.

US companies are also investing in new technologies to reuse captured carbon emissions in innovative ways, including jet fuel and car seats. Growing concerns about climate change companies are showing interest in advanced technologies to reduce emissions in hard-to-reduce sectors such as concrete production, as well as to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere.    

Once the carbon is captured, the concentrated CO2 can be transported to locations where it can be used as a feedstock, such as polymerization into concrete or as a feedstock for the production of synthetic jet fuel, or simply stored underground.