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The Silver Age of comic books was a time period that lasted approximately a decade and a half from 1956 to 1970. The period was notable due to the massive rise in the popularity of comic books at the period.

This increase in popularity stemmed from many sources as well as the Silver Age of comics paved the way for comics to be used for decades and is still influential in comic books to this day.If you want to buy french comic books(also known as bandes dessines in the French language)then visit some famous websites.

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The Silver Age of comics stands out because of its drastically better art. Finer detail was utilized as well as brighter colors were employed to ensure that the characters and action stand out more clearly. The comics were action packed and the action was soaring out of the pages. The format and the narrative of comics were changing to better convey emotions, storylines, and dialogue scenes.

The major difference from the predecessor, that of the Golden Age, was that during the Silver Age of comic books the focus was on superheroes. The superheroes and their adversaries were the primary topics of comic books in this period.

In addition, superheroes were becoming more human. The stories of their transformation into superheroes often involved science-fiction storylines as well as dramatic emotional and personal issues, or both. This shift to the storylines, the plots, and the cartoon characters were inspired by the Comics Code.

Comics Code Authority Comics Code Authority was formed in 1954, in order to standardize and enhance comic books for children after receiving national attention along with criticism from the political world. The intention was to reduce violence in comics or gory. So there needed to be a shift in the direction that comics were heading and this change centered all efforts on comics that were based on the genre of superheroes.

In allowing superheroes to have dramatic incidents that shape their character or mishaps from science fiction giving them additional abilities and power The characters were made more real. This gave Comic book heroes more depth and personality, and also made it easier for viewers to be enthralled by the characters.