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Finding a Dentist for Special Needs Kids In Tacoma

Good dental hygiene is almost impossible for many children with special needs. Everyday life can make it easier for you to forget about brushing and flossing your teeth, and some children with sensory integration problems can be very resistant to this.

Finding family dental care can help. Parents may have the opportunity to find tips on how to best help their children care for their teeth. 

When looking for a dentist for your child, keep your child's uniqueness and requirements in mind. You can also consult with a kids dentist in Tacoma via Here are some useful questions to ask when looking for a dentist.

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Are you comfortable with my child's handicap? Many dentists will say that they are ready to find patients with disabilities. As many parents know, "disabilities" are sometimes "combined." There are different types of disabilities, each with specific attributes. The success of your dental appointment depends on the dentist and the willingness of the dental team to learn about your child's special needs.

Visiting the dentist can be scary! An introductory tour of the facility will clear some of the "unknowns" and likely reduce some of your child's fears. You can let them sit in the dentist's chair, check out the tools, and maybe even get a free toothbrush before you make your final appointment.

Receptionists and other staff also get to know your child before making an appointment. Preliminary meetings with the dentist and team are very helpful. However, schedules and multiple locations can limit staff access.