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Different Types Of Vape Mods And Their Importance

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, you can find different types of mods in different designs. Not all mods are suitable for everyone. While some are suitable for beginners, others are for professionals only. The vaping experience on various vape mods is also different. 

However, the best vape mod applies to a mechanism that allows the vapers to vape according to their will. This suggests the best vape mod for you will depend on your requirements and preferences. You can also look for the best vape mods via

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Here are some of the different vape mods:

1.Pen style

As the name suggests, the pen-style mod looks like a pen. It is cylindrical in shape and is quite familiar to those who have smoked before. This type of mod is very simple with a single battery. They are inferior in performance but easy to use.

2. Box mods

It is very famous in the business and greater than other types of vape mods. Since this mod can adjust many batteries, they can be used for a much longer time. Their potential for better performance makes them unique. 

Depending on the device, the power can vary between 10 W and 300 W. The box mod has safety features and a built-in circuit board to ensure it won't go wrong if there is a problem with the battery and spray.

3.Mechanical mods

They are designed very simply. This device is said to be able to power the sprayer battery. They consist of three parts: battery, atomizer, and housing. Mechanical mods come in all shapes and sizes.