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Choose The Type of Hosting You Want For Your Website

Web Hosting lets you make your website available to the world. This is possible with a web hosting provider.

You, as a business owner will need to select the right space for your store's infrastructure. You must choose the best web hosting service for your website's success. There are many hosting options available for small, medium, and large businesses. Let's take a look at the most popular.

Types of web hosting:

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  • Shared Hosting Stores your website on the exact same server as other websites. It is the cheapest hosting option. While shared hosting can be cost-effective, it is not ideal for sites that receive low traffic. You share the server's resources and bandwidth with hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses.
  • VPS hosting can be a little more expensive than shared hosting but is great if your site gets a lot of traffic. VPS hosting is a way to have a dedicated server for your website. However, it is technically still shared hosting. VPS hosting is a popular choice for small businesses as it offers greater customization and faster performance than shared hosting. It's also more cost-effective.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting is an expensive option for websites that receive a lot of traffic over a long period. Your website will have its own server with dedicated hosting. Your business can have full control over the security and systems of your server. This option is not for everyone. You need staff who are able to manage your server properly.