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Children’s Bedroom Accessories Are Easily Available

For your little one's bedroom, you can always get them some cool bedroom accessories. They can make their room more fun and inspiring with cool novelty night lights, personalised wall stickers, and cute clocks. Adding a novelty Night Light to your child's room can also keep monsters away! A Personalised Bedtime Story Book can make story time that much more interesting! Incorporate these childrens bedroom accessories into your child's room and make it their personal sanctuary.

Personalised wooden trains, original wall stickers and adorable wall clocks will turn their room into an imaginative wonderland

Whether you want to create a dream room, or a room that's already filled with customised items, we've got something to suit every budget. From cute wall clocks to personalised wooden trains, these gifts are sure to turn your child's room into a haven of wonder. We even have restocks and special offers to make it even easier to buy something your child will love.

Color psychology in children's bedroom

According to color psychology, the color that you choose for your child's bedroom should create a calming environment. Children's bedrooms should be painted in a muted palette. Light tones encourage calmness and relaxation, while dark tones can disrupt sleep and cause restlessness. In children's bedrooms, avoid using bright colors, as these can disturb a child's sleep. Instead, use off-white accents to create a calming effect.

Yellow is a popular choice for children's bedrooms, as it typically inspires feelings of happiness. The deeper shades of yellow can also help a child focus, especially if layered with white, cream, and soft textiles. Use a dusty yellow or muted gold instead of an acidic yellow. This combination is a great way to encourage concentration and improve concentration. While children will not recognize the color in a painting, you can use it to create a soothing effect.

Bright and light colors make the space feel bigger

When decorating a child's room, keep in mind that there are many color schemes to choose from. While adults may opt for a soothing pale green, kids might prefer a bright aqua. It's important to find the right balance between aesthetics and ergonomics. In most cases, parents will opt for a neutral or safe color scheme. Bright and light colors make the space seem larger and allow the feature items to stand out.

Neutral and light colors give the room a calm and relaxing environment. On the other hand, high contrast palettes and busy patterns make the room look energetic. Kids like to snuggle, so make sure they have plenty of items in their bedroom that will encourage them to self-soothe. Bedding, pillows, and rugs should be soft and comfortable to touch. If your child has sensitive skin, choose light and bright colors.

Blackout panels block the sun during a mid-day nap

Using blackout curtains and panels is an excellent choice for your child's room. Kids will be able to fall asleep in a dark room during their mid-day naps, which will help to regulate their circadian rhythms. Blackout panels are 100% blackout fabric and have padding underneath to prevent light bleed. They also provide the finishing touch to a child's room.

Shutters make the space feel bigger

Shutters are an effective way to make a room appear bigger. Compared to traditional curtains, shutters are fitted into a window recess and sit flush with the frame. This leaves the space around the window free and uncluttered, thereby giving the appearance of more floor and wall space. By contrast, heavy fabric curtains take up wall and floor space. Therefore, shutters make children's bedrooms look larger and brighter.

Another advantage of shutters is their ability to block sunlight during naptime. When the slats are closed, they can offer maximum privacy while minimizing the morning sun's light. Shutters can even reduce the view of a bungalow if it is situated on the outside. These two advantages can make the space feel larger and more airy, especially in small children's rooms. For parents with a view of a scenic landscape, shutters are a practical and attractive option.