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Cannabis Genetics: How Does Weed Strains Lineage Work

Marijuana genetics control plant development and growth. Marijuana genetics also determines the terpene production, cannabinoid profile, yield, and many other factors that characterize the properties of selected cannabis seeds. 

If you know the history of cannabis genetic history, you can understand how the cannabis strain evolved. It can even help you find out new strains that are similar to your favorites. You can get a lot of information about Cannabis genetics at Prima Clones.

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Marijuana has been known to humans for thousands of years. In addition to recreational pleasures and medicinal benefits, fiber offers many practical uses, and whole grains are a very nutritious food source. 

This has given cannabis a long-lasting international appeal that shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, interest in marijuana and genetics has never been greater.

What are the genetics of landrace cannabis?

The genetic landraces of cannabis are ancient strains that have adapted naturally over a long period of time to thrive in a wide variety of geographic and climatic conditions. 

For example, the Indica strain is believed to have evolved to grow well in cooler conditions. The Sativa strain is believed to have evolved for optimal growth in tropical conditions.

Modern breeders often take the best of marijuana genetics and cross them to find offspring that are superior to any parent. 

This process of "selective reproduction" is often repeated over several generations. This allows skilled breeders to push cannabis genetics to its limits. When fully stable, the best cannabis genetics are the foundation for the best cannabis seeds.