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Buy Airsoft Equipment Online

Both Airsoft and Paintball are exciting and unique in their own ways. The realistic guns appeal very easily to me. Can't help!

As airsoft grows in popularity, fields continue to pop up across the country in varying sizes and situations. Many of these fields are smallish, or even indoors in stripped-out warehouses. At these types of fields the types of games that are played are referred to as CQB, or Close Quarters Battles.  You can also buy airsoft accessories online.


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For guns there are many options. The standard M4 Carbine works great, as do a variety of shotguns, pistols and assault rifles. Most players opt for the submachine gun though, as they are well-suited to CQB environments and heavily used by team members. 

The MP5 has mostly been replaced in recent years by the newer UMP, but not many airsoft replicas exist of those so the MP5 is still a great choice. One of the best is the Elite Force MP5 SD5. This AEG has a full stock and removable silencer, a high quality nylon fiber body and authentic trademarks from H&K.

The air guns that you will find through the social networks depend mainly on the country that you stay in as some and even the majority of the firearms are imported from the countries that manufacture the weapons.