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An Inflatable Slide is a Huge Hit for Parties

Planning an event can be fun. But it's always stressful trying to find an attraction that everyone will love. One item that is always a hit is the Inflatable Slide.

You'll find the inflatable slide right in the middle of the fun at most Indiana corporate picnics, post proms and other functions. But did you know you can get a slide for a home party too?

Although inflatable slides have been around for awhile, in the past few years more unique slides have come into the marketplace. You can get slides in sizes that work for everyone. A giant slide (around 22') is great for ages 12 to adults. If you're looking for inflatable games for rent ( Which is also known as juegos inflables en renta in the Spanish language), then you can navigate the given online sources.

Remember the 70's when slip n slides were so popular? Well, now you can get inflatable slip n slides that are even MORE fun. They come in single and in double lanes both so you can even race a friend if you'd like. But the new slip n slides have a safety ramp at the end to slow your slide so they're much easier on your body than the old version.

If you like the traditional slide, but still want water, you can rent an inflatable water slide. With sprinklers shooting out the top, this slide is fantastic for a hot summer day.

There are just a few things you need to remember when renting an inflatable slide or any other inflatable game:

1) The unit must be staked down at all times

2) The unit can only be operated with adult attendant in place who understands all safety requirements

3) You will need a dedicated 20 amp circuit to use for each blower (most units only need one). This outlet needs to be within 50 feet.

4) If you're using a water slide, you'll need a water connection and hose within a reasonable distance.

5) Participants should always follow safety instructions and should always be sitting feet first.