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All about Capsule Filling Machine

The pharmaceutical industry needs to invest in various technologies to produce different types of drugs. The capsule machine is one of the most important tools because it produces a cylindrical drug with a round trip. It works by filling hard or soft gelatin capsules with a variety of substances, which can be granules, powders, liquids or suspensions.

The capsule machine or tool consists of several parts which we will discuss below. In addition, we will examine some of its by-products, along with their properties. You can also look for the best Capsule Filling Machine online at tesequipmentsupplier.

Capsule encapsulation machine: parts and principle of operation

Capsule container

In the part that is activated by this level (for automatic capsule filling machines) all empty capsules you may wish to fill are stored. Available in cylindrical, cubic or conical form and we make it in stainless steel.

Capsule power supply

This section has rotating wheels designed for constant motion as the perfect capsule is oriented towards the main capsule housing. The capsule feeder connects the main container via a vacuum loader.

Dust container

This section is equipped with a screw feeding mechanism in which the screw conveyor transfers dust from the hopper to the filling section. The dust bin holds the substance you put into the capsule machine through the feed hole.

Powder filling device

It plays an important role in providing the right amount of powder in filling parameters. It has a level sensor that automatically adjusts the amount of dust from the hopper to the filling element.