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All About Beer Glass Sets

Beer is one of the world's oldest and most widely enjoyed beverages. Throughout the years, both beer and its drinking vessels have evolved. A good beer glass will allow a brew to release and maintain colors, aromas, and carbonation (head). Just pouring a beer into a glass, brings it to life, engages your senses, and starts your mouth watering!

There are many styles of beer glasses from all over the world. These glasses complement the beers of their respective regions. Here are a few of the most popular glasses and the brews that pair best with them.

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The Stein

A German classic. This mug is very thick and weighty to withstand rowdy toasts and clinks of glasses, a German tradition. The wide opening allows for a thick head. The stein has a handle that prevents the transfer of heat from the palm of the hand. Prost!

Good with most brews, especially if you will be toasting or need a glass that holds lots of brews!

The Weizen

Who says less is more? The Weizen or wheat beer glass is another German Classic. This is a large glass, the wide mouth promotes a thick head. This glass, when tipped up, allows air to flow around the beer and back out through the opening, passing the nose and revealing the pleasant aromas of the brew inside.